Kabbalah of Prayer 1.jpg

Do you ever get lost following synagogue services 
or find them frustrating and non-spiritual?

 Do you find yourself asking:

If G‑d knows best, what's the point of prayer?

I don't know Hebrew, how do I connect?

Why is prayer so repetitious?

The Kabbalah teaches that prayer is extremely powerful. Words and silence, movement and stillness, mystery and awareness, song and rhythm, are the basis of spiritual prayer. Without familiarity of the spiritual dynamics of prayer, services can become frustrating, and feel meaningless and irrelevant.

Learn how to navigate Synagogue services and while learning a few Kabbalistic principles, discover how prayer can open your heart and mind; and provide a powerful pathway for your soul to impact every area of your life.


4 Week Series - October 2013.

Sundays at 7 PM

 at Chabad of East County