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Chabad of East County launched the “Partner Project” in December, 2017 to help fund our newly leased space and to allow us to continue to grow.

Partners set their own levels of giving, with the amounts payable on a monthly or annual basis as the partners wish. A list of our partners will be on display in our lobby and weekly email.

Your participation in the Partner Project is one of the ways that you can show your support for our programs. It is also an opportunity for you to grow with us and to be a part of the Chabad East County family. Please consider becoming a Partner today.

Executive Partner's Circle: $2,500 ($218/monthly) 
(included fees for all programs and sponsorships throughout the year - up to 4 people,, excluding tuition for Hebrew School of the Arts)

Partner's Circle: $1,250 ($108/monthly) 
(includes fees for all Community Shabbat and Holiday dinners and Jewish Women's Circle activities- up to 4 people)

Please go to our  Donate page  to become a partner. Thank you!

Thank You to

Rachel Millstone
Danny & Dina Maman
Doug & Dawne Ellison
Gil & Doreen Fine
Joel & Sandy Kriger
Larry & Barbara Emdur
Jon & Beth Saybeswift
Israel & Noemi Evans
Dr. Robert Rubenstein
Raphy & Margaret Bitton
Ellen Marks
Isaac Hirschbein
Jerry & Doris Kugler
Neal Akin
Pearl Kugel
Adam Fuhrman
Robert & Shari Cohen
Bill & Judy Friedel
Amparo Goldman
Stephen Ghio
Dr. George and Susan Kaplan
Olga Worm
The Alpert Family
Greta Fuhrman
Steven & Dahlia Maman
Bud & Harriet Kader
Bella Montgomery
Mordechai & Sarah Hyams
Sandra Schneider
Andrea Schneider
Hudi Eshel
Elle Arnot
Bill & Barbara Sperling
Cory Tatz
Rick Miller 

For being part of the Partners Circle & Chai Club (those who committed to a monthly gift of any amount) for their continuous support!